Saturday, January 21, 2017

Namaste !! Hello !! Jaya Guru Datta !!


Practice Caffeine Fasting. Move to Herbal Tea !!!

Practice Media fasting.

Dring HotWater for Lymph Cleansing and Curing Ailments:

For a week, Stay away from the 6 Emotional Metastasizing cancers:
- Criticize
- Complain
- Compare
- Compete
- Contend
- Cynism

(BioChemic / Cell / Tissue ) Salts:
Homeo Meteria Medica:

Ayurvedic Medicine:
Medical Desc of Few Herbs Attached:

1. Surya Namaskar: (12 Step Picture:

Surya Namaskara PowerPoint Slides:(What, How, Why, Benefits)

2. Pls bring a 3 Yard white cotton cloth for PranAyama (Datta Kriya Yoga).

3. Pls bring your yoga mat.

4. Yog Nidra:

5. Pls arrive 5 mins early, to settle down and get the best value for your time.

Wheel Of Life:

Ayurveda Dosha Quiz:
====================  (Detail/Long) (Short)

Pls call us in case of any questions.

See you @ 7:30 AM on Sun !!

Yoga Team